For those who grind in jobs, fulltime mommies and daddies, scholarship pupils all of them, have a little something in common.They all stress themselves, work incredibly hard, merely to have strained face and dark circles below eyes. Common factor amongst all of them being dark circles below eyes! Because of them we look sorrowful plus fatigued 24 hours and all 7 days in a week, irrespective of whether we are or not. Also we seem to be twice our age!

We’re left with basically 2 possible choices in the said situation 1) Do nothing about it; 2) Do something about these dark circles. Well when it comes to scholarship pupils they might proceed with 1st choice ‘Do nothing about it’. After all these brainies are on scholarship. For the others, officegoers, fulltime mothers,etc. would go along with alternative no. 2

Let’s dig a little more deep to look for the causes, straightforward solutions and so forth. Dark circles might be inherited for a handful of individuals, part of the process of aging, exhaustion, sleep insufficiency, stress/depression, lack of proper diet, hyper pigmentation, excessive use of drugs and medicines. In some people, typically rubbing their eye-area due to itching and dry skin due to natural causes such as quality of air, diet as well as their regions of the world really should be blamed.

Now moving on to the feasible solutions! The market is full of billions of eye cream products that will help tackle under-eye dark circles, puffiness and so on; pretty much in all of the price tags. It would be particularly much more better to make use of natural alternatives before deciding upon these products available. Based on the cause that caused dark circle, best suited solution from the following ought to be employed!

Simplest being to stay hydrated! Ensure that you drink 8 – 10 glasses of water a day. Leave the stress at door step and fixing sleep disorders if any to sleep properly for 8 hours (minimum).

Applying cucumber juice is the best thing to remove dark circles. Applying cucumber juice will also help reduce puffiness of the eyes. You can also try keeping cotton balls dipped in rose water on the dark circles.

Almond oil: Gently apply almond oil to your eyes for 10 minutes for two to three weeks. Almond oil will provide that much needed moisture to the skin, lighten the color and improve the circulation near the eyes.

Shades: Help your eyes by wearing sunglasses whenever venturing out in the sun. Also make sure the sun glasses have wider frame that protects the skin near the eyes too. Also don’t forget to apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15 on all areas exposed as well as around the eyes.

Tea bags for the eye bags: Yes, you can use the used tea bags or new ones to fight the dark circles. Leave it to mint: Take 12-15 mint leaves and grind them to paste. Apply this paste under your skin for 15 minutes for two weeks.

Mint leaves are so effective that adding them to your diet also helps in reducing dark circles.

Rose water: You can also dip cotton balls in rose water and then apply them to the area beneath the eyes. These are some commonly used remedies for under eye dark circles