I am a HUGE sucker for beauty tips and hacks and I’ve just realized I’ve never shared any of mine with you! I could spend hours and hours researching and trying out to see which ones are myths and which ones really work, so after trial and error, I can say I found some pretty cool ones.

After actually knowing of some of the tricks and tips I’m usually having a ‘Duuuh, of course it would work better this way, how the hell did I not think of this before?!’ moment, so in order to spare you from them, here are some of my favourite beauty tips:


  • Can’t seem to get rid of those dried lips? Get rid of your lip balm and apply coconut oil instead, you’ll be amazed!
  • Using SPF is vital not only during the hot months, but in autumn and winter too. If you don’t want your skin to age prematurely, use sunscreen or SPF enhanced products daily, even when you’re at home (sun rays get you through the window too, you know?).
  • Don’t rub your wrists together after applying perfume – it changes the way the perfume performs on your skin (aka, it ruins the scent and it will also make the scent last less)


  • Got an awesome lipstick shade, but you wish it were matte? Mattify your lips using baby or translucent powder (apply the lipstick, then use a lip brush to add on the powder)
  • In order to make sure your makeup won’t budge, you can use setting spray both before and after applying it.
  • For brighter, bigger looking eyes, apply bright eyeshadow in the inner corners.
  • Only have a high coverage foundation at hand, but wish for a lighter, more natural finish? Apply it with a damp makeup sponge (by patting, never by rubbing it on the skin)


  • Brushing your hair excessively will dry it out and lead to more breakage. Also, brushing your hair while it’s wet is also damaging unless you’re using the right comb and you can end up breaking a lot more of it than it would normally fall at a wash. There are dozens of brands that create ‘special’ combs to use on wet hair, however my most trusted is the classic tooth comb (not a fine one though! the kind with few “teeth”, distanced from each other), which is also probably the cheapest alternative.
  • A hairdryer that’s old and not working properly anymore, is not only annoying, but it also dried out your hair, in time leading to more breakage, lack of shine and split ends.
  • If your hair tends to get oily fast, don’t apply conditioner or your hair mask starting from the roots, but from the upper half of the length.
  • People generally believe that their hair is not getting long because they have a slow hair growth, however your hair is generally stagnating not because of the growth, but because it’s breaking from the tips. If you want your hair to grow faster, make sure it’s not damaged, nor dehydrated and take care of those split ends.