Our obsession with beauty, body image and the lengths we go to are becoming more and more extreme

Look behind the markings ….you see a beautiful woman. Do we not wonder why she is considering such drastic action to change her natural self? Whilst this is a photo to make a point, the reality is that women as young as in their teens and 20s are now taking invasive action to prevent the signs of ageing. A little tweak here, a subtle change there, is it not just just the beginning of a very slippery slope?

This is an industry which may for some be liberating, but for the majority is an unnecessary addition to the pressure on looking “perfect“ …who even knows what that is? What if we removed the word “beauty” from the dictionary, how then might we see ourselves in the mirror?

What strikes us is that the point is being sorely missed. Confidence comes partly by how you look however we are not defined by our looks and so as we grow old, should we not embrace our age, our experience and our life lessons and be proud to pass those on to our children? We should never feel ashamed of the years we live. Running and hiding from the inevitabilities of life will only rob us of the very moment we are standing in.

The truth is, we have been playing with our looks for years in an effort to look and feel more beautiful. However there is a line between that which is a temporary cosmetic and that which is permanent, invasive surgery.

It seems that those who have surgery say they do it for themselves not for others, and whilst this seems perhaps a more healthy argument, if we held value truly in character attributes rather than physical ones, that pressure might just dissolve.

Shouldn’t we start learning to love our inner selves? Start valuing our positive characteristics as opposed to criticising ourselves as we look in the mirror? Self esteem comes from the inside, not the outside. The reality is, no matter how much work is done on the outside, if the inside is unhappy, it will remain that way until the deeper issue is addressed.