It feels like every time you see a film or TV show where police officers are involved, they seem to be wearing giant sunglasses with mirrors on the outside.

What are these shades and how did they come to be what they are today? The truth is that Mirrorshades, as the sunglasses are called, are commonly linked with law enforcement and government officials for a kosher reason.

Mirrorshades are sunglasses with a reflective optical coating on the outside of the lenses to make them appear like little mirrors. The mirror coating can decrease anywhere from 10%-60% of the light that passes thru and makes contact with your eyes. This is a fantastic type of sunglasses for any person that spends much of their time out of doors, possibly even on a bike or in a car for eight or even more hours each day. Some of the first mirror sunglasses were produced by Ray Ban (German: ray ban sonnenbrillen).

But mirror sunglasses serve a larger purpose than shielding the eye. These sunglasses prevent someone else from making eye contact with the wearer. The mirrors are created so that an onlooker will only meet his very own reflection when making an attempt to gawk into the eyes behind a pair of mirror sunglasses.

It is for that reason this type of shades have increased in popularity for officials of law enforcement and army. Their renown with coppers in the US has earned them the name “cop shades”. Very like an interrogation room, a suspect is frightened by looking into a window and being totally unable to see who or what is casting backwards at him. It's also because of this that these sunglasses are sometimes preferred by competitive poker players.

Mirrorshades can be gotten in 1 or 2 different designs. The sunglasses most often worn by police and army are Aviators. This style received its name around the 1940′s and 1950′s when they were popular sunglasses for military pilots. In the 1930′s, Ray Ban created this design and sold it to the US Army. The military issued the sunglasses to their pilots to protect them while they flew. From there a fixture among sunglass styles was created.

Another especially preferred type of mirror sunglasses is known as the Wraparound. This kind of sunglasses consists of either 1 or 2 smooth, semi-circular lenses that cover the eyes and resemble the form of protecting shades. Wraparound sunglasses are quite popular in the world of extreme sports. They are frequently particularly associated with snow sports, for example skiing and snow-boarding.

The lenses are created with a coating on the exterior of the lenses of the sunglasses. The coating can go from an exceedingly simple form made up of a single layer of terribly thin film all of the way to a thicker, more reflective form. The thinner layer of film can be terribly sure to scratch with nominal pressure, and is susceptible to salt water. These sunglasses should be treated with the maximum care.

The more modern reflective coatings typically have several layers making them more durable and less certain to become scratched. While these sunglasses could be more expensive, you often get what you pay for when purchasing sunglasses. Choose wisely and teach yourself on sunglasses before deciding which ones to buy. Mirrorshades will prove advantageous to your eyes and your style.

Mirrorshades will prove advantageous to your eyes and your style

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