The average woman wants to drop over 10 pounds from their bodies… but few women are successful at it. You start an exercise routine and you put yourself on a diet. You’re working out and creating a diet that you think will work because it’s the diet ideas you’ve always been told. The only issue is that that’s not going to cut it, unfortunately.

Dieting myths have completely messed up millions of women’s path towards weight loss. Here’s what I mean… you hear that when you are dieting, it’s better to go with nonfat or low-fat foods instead, right? Well wrong. But we are about to cover that right now.

Here are the 3 dieting myths that could be causing more harm than good.

The first has been a problem for over 25 years now, it is that non-fat foods are better than their “regular” counterparts. This is sadly not the case for a few reason. Most low fat foods have been more processed than the originals, and to replace the fat they are often filled with more simple carbohydrates. And studies show that people who eat “diet” labeled foods often overindulge because they think it’s better for them so they end up eating the same amount of calories as if they had the real stuff.

Next on the list are sugar-free foods and the idea that they are good for your waistline. Nope, these are filled with artificial sweeteners which are shown to promote hunger so you eat more as the day goes on, increase cravings for sweets. Not to mention the side affects of a lot of artificial sweeteners like stomach aches, gas, headaches, bloating and more. You’re better off staying from them all together.

And last, have you been told that eating after 7 pm will make you fat? Good news… it’s false, sure eating a piece of chocolate cake or cookies before bed will surely spike your blood sugar and cause your body to store body fat but that goes for if you eat it at 4:00 too, it’s important to eat sound, clean foods late to help your body work at it’s best while you’re sleeping… protein is key! Your body doesn’t stop working when you go to sleep, your metabolism is still fired up. Keep this in mind, if you don’t eat anything after 6:30 pm and then you wake up at 7:00 am, that’s over 12 hours of no food… and that can actually slow your metabolism and put you in a state of starvation in the morning.

The best way to diet for weight loss is to eat whole foods that are clean and unprocessed to help your body drop the fat and keep you energized while you cut your calories. I promise this is going to help you a lot more than eating all those “diet” labeled foods.