Water is such a major ingredient of any weight loss plan. If you looking for a quick weight loss, you should add water to be a part of your diet and routine.

Metabolism is of two types –

  • Catabolism: The process of breaking complex substances in your body to simple substances.
  • Anabolism: The process of building up complex substances from simple ones.

Whatever the metabolism be it, gaining weight and losing weight are a part of it. Let us just focus on the part which is the reason for weight gain.

During Digestion

Once when the food reaches stomach, it is utilized by the stomach acids available there to crush down the food particles to simpler substances. These are then passed on to liver. Liver in particular metabolizes fat. It converts fat to energy. Here is where water plays a major role. As you consume the right amount of water, kidney performs its function quite well. In the deprivation of water, a part of kidney’s operation is passed on to the liver.

This minimizes the productivity of the liver which is not good for digestion.  As a result the metabolism rate slows down making the total activity of the body to decelerate thereby it leads to slowness in every activity. Along with the trouble created in liver, your slow movements and activities will also make you gain weight. Also it stops you from losing weight any further. This is why water should be a part of weight loss plan.

Breakthrough Point

While you consume excessive water than you usually do, it might cause you enormous trouble and is usually discouraging as you have to hit the bathroom often. What we really do not know is that water that is consumed will keep your kidney problem free while your metabolism rate is kept high.

In addition that the water that is stored in the body stored is released. Our system is very clever that it accumulates water here and there all over. This is a precautionary measure and this preserves the water in case the body is deprived of water. Excessive consumption of water and continuous drinking of water tunes your body to flush out the water that is in reserve and this is replaced with the fresh water. The body assumes that it will not be deprived of water anymore and with that in mind it accelerates the metabolic rate flushing the old water out. This is termed as breakthrough point. If you are someone who considers exercise to be a major part of your weight loss plan then water should also be added to it for this quality that is mentioned above.

Other Reasons Why Should Drink Water while Being in Diet

  1. Weight loss due to exercise and belts are mainly due to loss of stored water in the body. To balance this you should drink sufficient water.
  2. Weight loss releases toxins in the body. Consumption of water washes away these toxins. Therefore should be included in your quick weight loss plan.
  3. During the course of a weight loss diet, fiber consumption will lead to constipation and other digestive problems. Fiber rich food in the presence of carbohydrate reacts in a different but while in diet this might lead to irritated bowel movement. Consume a lot of water to stay away from digestion problems.
  4. Exercise and diet naturally causes your body to dehydrate. There will be a drop in the volume of your blood flow. Blood carries oxygen to other parts of the body to energize them. This might lead to fatigue in a very short span during your routine for the day. Consume water to avoid this. If your weight loss plan is strict and stringent, the plan should be inclusive of water.
  5. Water decelerates your metabolic rate gradually. So if you are someone with bad metabolism due to bad genes, do not worry. Water is the best solution for you.
  6. Start your day with two glasses of water. People with digestion problems such as ulcer, acidity, gastrointestinal disorder, constipation and indigestion complication can see a gradual improvement in just few days after you start consuming water.

So How to Consume Water?

  1. Tea: Tea, which constitutes flavanoids and water in it is good for health. Research shows that dairy products help metabolize fat accumulated in the stomach. Therefore tea, made up of milk is good for health. The best way to consume tea is to use skimmed milk and have it light than having it strong. Tea is one of the best diuretics. Unlike coffee it does not harm heart. Most important thing is to consume it without sugar. This will lead to quick weight loss.
  2. Herbal Tea: Green tea, lemon tea, China tea and plain tea (without milk) are also best ways of consuming water. The major part of all these ingredients is water. All of these support weight loss. These teas will keep you light and they are all diuretics. You can find best positive results when these teas are consumed with honey instead of sugar.
  3. Lemonade: The most popularly known drink lemonade as everyone knows is nothing but lemon in water either with sugar or honey. As researchers have been suggesting honey is much better than sugar. In fact honey is one of the key ingredients in one of the well known Indian therapies “Siddha”.  Replace it with other sugary juices; make it a part of your weight loss plan and you will see drastic difference in a short span.
  4. Honey in Luke Warm Water: One teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water early in the morning is very good for health. It is good to detoxify your body. It relieves you of your stomach upset and irritated bowel movement. Most importantly it is too good for an effective weight loss.
  5. Water before Meals: Consume a glass or two of water half an hour before every meal. This will trigger your digestive system and will make you ready for meals. This way the stomach feels half filled and will not encourage you to eat more. This a significantly informed by any dieticians who devices a weight loss plan.
  6. Water before Sleep: A glass or two of water (whichever you are comfortable with) consumed before sleep eases your heart. Most people do not do this as the consequences are that you have to wake up several times to purge your bladder. Well that could be a disadvantage perhaps this improves your vertical growth. Also it is good for quick weight loss.
  7. Warm Water: It is very easy to consume. If you are obese you should consider drinking warm water seven to eight times a day. Water by itself is a weight loss ingredient while warm water will make you sweat leaving a double impact on your weight loss. Add it to your weight loss plan right away.
  8. Succulent Fruits: Water melon, mash melon, tomato, cucumber and other juicy fruits are highly rich in water.
  9. Juices: Fruit juices are rich in water. The key point is to avoid sugar and replace it with honey. In addition to that fruit juices make your skin glow really well. If you are looking for fat only on your cheeks and not anywhere on your body, add it to your weight loss plan.

What Amount of Water Should You Consume?

It depends on the country in which you dwell. Staying in South Africa (one of the hottest countries) you should not restrict your water consumption to the level that is drunk in Antartica.

It depends on the work you do. If you are in a hard labor job, consume plenty than those in sedentary jobs. It also depends on if you are in diet or not. If you are someone with kidney problem you should go by what your nephrologist suggests.

Nonetheless the normal consumption of water is supposed to be 64 ounces a day which is nothing but 8 – 9 glasses of water a day.