Are you attempting to construct a weight loss plan? Plan it with oats for a quick weight loss.

Oatmeal is fiber rich and the fiber is so soluble that it consumes enormous time to pass through the digestive system. It takes longer to digest thereby making you feel fuller for a longtime.

What are all the other Health Benefits of Oats?

Blood Sugar: Not only does it make a major part of weight loss plan but also it keeps the blood sugar level distributed and raised for a longtime. In addition to that glucose and insulin levels are balanced well which is very important for diabetics’ patients.

Cholesterol Levels: Of all the cereals, oats is considered to be best when it comes to fiber. The presence of beta-glucan keeps the cholesterol under control. Daily consumption of a glass of oat (with unskimmed milk and a teaspoon of honey) will put your cholesterol level by six points in just three months. Quick weight loss and cholesterol cure – two health benefits out of one delicious morning diet.

Heart Conditions: The FDA of U.S. labeled fiber rich soluble oat variety which is inclusive of oat bran, rolled oats, crushed oats, cut oats and oat flour) is good for heart. Since cholesterol can be curbed heart conditions are also kept away.

Anti-Cancer: Oats is rich in antioxidants. These along with tocopherols form Vitamin E. In addition to that oats is rich in phytochemicals which is nothing but plant chemical. A kind of plant chemical called lignin decreases the risk of cancer. It is also rich in plant sterols and stanols and antioxidants. Oats is a quick weight loss diet which keeps the cancer away.

Bowel Movement: People with irritated bowel movement are recommended with oats. Oats improves the metabolic rate and keeps the digestive system clean and smooth. The cereal which is a constitution of equal amount of soluble and insoluble fiber pushes the bowel to operate well. This makes oats the significant part of a weight loss plan.

Longevity: Since it keeps the digestive track smooth, helps to keep cancer away, keeps cholesterol under control and conditions the heart well, it obviously improves the longevity. In addition to that it is rich in nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin E, manganese, zinc, iron, and selenium and copper. This is also a good source of protein. It also constitutes phosphorus, vitamin B1, iron and thiamin.

Types of Oats

Steel Cut Oats: It leaves the oat bran of the hull. It is usually sliced two to three times. However unlike the other oats this is not flattened. Nonetheless it takes enormous time to cook this oats. It takes close to 25 minutes for the oats to boil completely to become soft and tasty. It gives a munchy texture and nutty taste to eat.

Instant Oats: Instant oats go through a wide range of process before removing the bran. In the downside, the last process alleviates the taste and nourishment of this kind of oats. Instant oats can be added to your weight loss plan.

Toasted Oat Cereal: There is one group that claims that this oat variety is the healthiest of all oats while the other group claims that processed grain is not good for people with cholesterol.

Rolled Oats Oatmeal: This is a less processed oats that the toasted oat meal. This oats demonstrates less glycemic effects. In addition to that this oats is observed to have less impact on blood sugars.