Mediterranean Diet: How To Start This Healthy Meal Plan

What people think of when they hear the word diet are most often the words: hard, restrictive, hunger, and even pain. That’s because most diet are actually based on restriction and sometimes even starvation. The way they help you achieve their promises is through unhealthy and rigorous ways.

Nutella Swirl Pound Cake

First and foremost, I have to say Happy VEGAN MOFO everyone! I have been mega busy lately but I hope to get a few more things up here before the end of the month. I have been on a real kick lately making all sorts of loaf type all started with the never ending supply of my Spiced Banana Bread.

10 Cool Recipes That Your Child Will Like To Eat Daily

Are you in such a hurry every morning and so exhausted by evening that children get their pasta without the tiniest bit of resistance, as it is easy and quick to prepare? Instead of forcing broccoli into those little bellies every time, why not make healthy a little quirky? Your kids hate boring dinners as much as you do.

Yellow Fava bean puree.

Fava is a dish I first tasted when I went to Santorini. Yet another traditional local dish which is served everywhere, from a gourmet restaurant to a small grill house.

Beef Tomato Stew

When I was a kid, almost every Sunday especially during the winter we had this for lunch; a classic sunday recipe for the whole family to enjoy together. When my mom cooked, this tender and juicy beef it was usually served with bucatini spaghetti (thick spaghetti with a hole running through the center) or with orzo pasta baked in the oven (the famous Youvetsi, delicious). You can also serve with rice or french fries. Chris’s prefers the french fries of course.

Chickpeas (revithia) avocado salad

Chickpeas, lentils, peas and beans are all legumes.  Chickpeas can be a good choice if you want to increase the protein in your diet but want to avoid meat.