Are you in such a hurry every morning and so exhausted by evening that children get their pasta without the tiniest bit of resistance, as it is easy and quick to prepare? Instead of forcing broccoli into those little bellies every time, why not make healthy a little quirky? Your kids hate boring dinners as much as you do.

Just five minutes of thinking before preparing meals will help you put together new dishes that children will love.

Take a look at these 10 cool recipes that will definitely find their way from their plates to tummies:

  • Pecan Banana pancakes: Calcium, proteins and fibre, all in a delicious pancake. It has the regular pancake ingredients of milk, sugar and flour, and is best for those rush mornings.
  • Make sauces with vegetables hidden in them. Try adding chopped mushrooms, a few minced onions or some grated zucchini to their favourite spaghetti sauce.
  • Try making granolas with a twist for the perfect snack. These are loaded with walnuts, rolled oats, raisins, almonds and apricots with some chocolates to lure the kids in!
  • Make a veg wrap stuffed with tomatoes, peas, spinach leaves, avocados with their favourite cheese and chilli toppings.
  • You can add apples and raisins even in meat. The calorie intake level for your child is not much, so bits and pieces will do a lot.
  • Make food fun. Serve them cinnamon apple popcorn or tiny pancakes with funny faces.
  • Make a fruit salad out of cheese, strawberries, bananas and melons for breakfast instead of just serving cereals.
  • Kids love peanut butter. It’s a high protein and a fibre source. Use it in sandwiches and serve with toasted mini waffles.
  • Try healthy apple sandwiches. Stuff cereals, yogurt, rice and nuts into slices of apple. You can choose any fruit and club it with nuts and cereals for a guaranteed tasty snack.
  • So your children leave the lunch box untouched? Try tuna and corn spring rolls. Add 200g can drain corn kernels and some fat free cheese to make it more delicious.

Remember, your children will take after your eating habits. If they see a lot of junk food around the house, no amount of ‘off-limits’ warning from you will keep them at bay. Take healthy eating seriously. Involve kids in choosing the menu and in cooking as well. They will find food cooked by them more rewarding to eat. Your low income may be hindering you from providing good food and nutrition for your child.