Hair loss treatment would not help you if you are not sure of the reason behind your hair fall/loss. Hair loss regrowth might not be seen if a wrong treatment is given as hair follicles might not respond if appropriate reasons are not figured out.

Stress has a major role to play when it comes to hair fall and hair loss especially in ladies. Hair fall/loss in men is mostly associated to bad genes while other reasons such as pollution, dust, wrong products and sensitive skin also are attributed. It purely differs from case to case and the proportion of these contributing factors should be taken into consideration before going in for a hair loss treatment.

Hair Loss in Women

  1. Health deteriorating habits such as smoking, drinking and excessive exposure to sun can also be considered as reasons. With such reasons hair loss treatment might not have any significant effect.
  2. Just like male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness also exits. However it is not that predominant in female. Hair loss regrowth is quite a miracle for people with bad genes. However the theory of evolution says that human body adapts according to the necessity. If you strongly feel that your hair is necessary, this problem is easy to overcome.
  3. Stress: Women that suffer from excessive stress due to divorce and death of spouse are prone to excessive hair loss. The most desired area of hair loss is the spot of partition. If left unnoticed, the midline may become highly visible in quite a short span of time.

Hair Loss in Men

  1. The most seen or obvious reason for hair loss is hereditary. However that is not the only reason.
  2. Stress as a result of alcohol, smoking, daily pressure and exposure to sun also contributes to weakening of hair follicles. Hair loss regrowth can’t be expected if these factors are not curbed. There would not be enough energy and supply of nutrients to the hair root if these habits continue to dominate you. 

Ways to Prevent Hair Fall/Loss

  1. One of the best ways to curb hair loss is to adapt to the existing environment by minimizing sun exposure and other things that will cool the body. This is one of the self-hair-loss-treatment that requires the most attention.
  2. Another way to reduce hair fall is to curtail habits such as drinking and smoking.
  3. Yoga, meditation, laughter therapy and substantial time for exercise is an excellent way to stay away from stress. This in return will make way for the hair loss regrowth.