Understanding The Symptoms Of Sleep Deprivation is something we all should review, specially women. We want to believe that we are superheroes and we do not need sleep. Pay attention to the symptoms and let’s just go to sleep.

Science has not totally unraveled everything which must be understood about sleep. Yet everyone knows what happens with lack of sleep. Research may help you put the right labels to the symptoms of sleep deprivation which your body already knows. People who often experience sleeplessness are quite familiar with these symptoms.

For the sake of knowing, let us discuss some of the symptoms of sleep deprivation.

  • Grumpiness or feeling cranky is a very noticeable behavior that will immediately be noticed by the people you spend much time with. You feel irritable and snap at the slightest provocation. This is unhealthy because it strains your relationship with people who are important to you.
  • Feeling sleepy and fatigue in the morning. Exhaustion at the day’s end is common. It is normal to want to take a rest for a while during the day. If you want to go back to bed for some sleep in the morning is something unusual. This is a body reaction for not getting enough sleep.
  • Social ineptness is very tangible. Who would appreciate being with people when one feels grumpy? Being shy or awkward are not the reasons for such attitude. It has something to do with lack of energy and interest to do anything more than lie down to rest which are symptoms of sleep deprivation.
  • Poor mental functions like memory and focus are weak; these affect work and school performances. Below par achievements are seen with low quality and fewer work in comparison to standard output.
  • Eating disorders or changes in eating patterns can be used as a mechanism to cope with stress as in cases of overeating. It can be also manifested through not eating properly.
  • Compromising the immune system cause many ailments and skin eruptions. These further aggravates the feeling of ineptness and crankiness.

People may suffer from lack of sleep on occasions and that is expected. Sleep deprivation is a condition which must be avoided because it causes many detrimental effects on physical, emotional and mental health. Once you notice symptoms of sleep deprivation, beat it with developing healthy sleep patterns.

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