Can We Have Anything Other Than Our Parents' Marriages?

I often wonder if we are doomed to repeat our parents. I mean, yes, we literally repeat them sometimes when we say things like, “Because I said so,” but when it comes to our marriages, is there any way to do it differently than what we saw done as kids?

Have An Adventure For Next To Nothing

Looking for adventure but you don’t have a lot of money? We all want a little excitement but we always have to worry about our finances especially in this economy. Having no money sucks! Luckily, you can have a quest without breaking the bank. There are exploits all around you and you don’t have to jump on a magic carpet to find it. It takes an open mind and heart to find some fun.

Ladies, It’s Time To Feel Empowered

Something I do every morning with my coffee is checking out what’s new on Humans Of New York. If you’ve never heard of this page before, well, you have no idea what you’re missing and I would recommend you drop everything this instant and go get emotional. It’s kind of a rollercoaster really, sometimes I end up crying first thing in the morning, other times I get angry, however, today I felt determined and empowered. I stumbled upon an Indian lady’s story that goes like this:

10 Budget Friendly Ideas for Dating Your Spouse

Not too long ago, we enjoyed dinner with another married couple who we’ve known for a few years. During the course of our meal, we had some meaningful conversations about the importance of spending adult time alone with your spouse. They emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner in order for your marriage to last long term.

Dealing With Disappointment

Did someone say or do something nasty to you? Are your feelings hurt? Or maybe it’s just bruised pride. Never-the-less, you feel really crappy right now because someone was acting like a giant asshat and you feel misunderstood. You wish you had a magic wand to turn their face into a butt. Luckily all you need is a marker and for them to go to sleep (just joking). We’ve all been there. Luckily, there are ways you can deal with this mess. Here’s how;