Looking for adventure but you don’t have a lot of money? We all want a little excitement but we always have to worry about our finances especially in this economy. Having no money sucks! Luckily, you can have a quest without breaking the bank. There are exploits all around you and you don’t have to jump on a magic carpet to find it. It takes an open mind and heart to find some fun.

Here’s some suggestions:


Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt that happens all over the world. You use your wits, grit and a GPS tracking device to find various items called caches that are hidden in certain places. Geocaching is a really fun activity and it’s free! You download the geocache app on your phone and be on your way. The benefits are you get outside, be active, discover some cool new places and meet some new people. It is exercise and a brain game, all in one. Anything that is good for the mind, body and wallet is worth doing. I have yet to find the Philosopher’s Stone but I’m still optimistic.


A wonderful exercise that works out your entire body and you don’t even know it. My favorite places to swim are the ocean and a mineral pool because it cleanses your soul (and it’s free or at least included in your hotel). However, that is not always realistic because not everyone is close to such bodies of water. But even a recreational swimming pool will do. Usually, there are half price days at recreation centres. The one I go to is about $6.00 (Canadian) on Tuesdays. I like to go whenever I can to swim in the wave pool, go on some waterslides or dive off a diving board. It’s so fun to purify the spirit. Maybe you’ll meet a merperson one day.

Cheap Movie Day

Cheap Movie Day

Nothing says exploration like a movie. Some movies will magically inspire us to try something new which is why it is on my list. The problem is, movies can be expensive on most days but if the theater is a chain it will have cheap days where the ticket price is more reasonable. Also, there are out-of-the-way theaters that will charge much less to see a movie. The one I go to is $5.00. The only thing about these theaters is the movies are not the ones that come out immediately. You may just sit around for this but when they give ideas then it is all worth it.


This is a very interesting exercise that comes from France. It includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, etc. I like this activity because it helps you see your environment in a completely different way. You will see the potential for navigating the world around you by moving around, across, over, under and even through it. This is also a good means of self-defense if you are ever in a jam. It helps you escape some dangers rather than just fighting but it still looks like you have superpowers. And again, it doesn’t cost you any money unless you take classes (which you don’t have to).


This is the best thing you can do because you can help others. A wise woman once said,

Real magic comes from helping others.

I’m a Good Witch fan. It’s such an uplifting show. Anyway, you will meet interesting people, hear their stories and maybe even find your destiny. Volunteering can lead to a fabulous new career or meeting Mr/Miss Right. Even if those things don’t happen right away, you will get a sense of satisfaction, boost your self-esteem and gain some new knowledge or skills. A little good will goes a long way. So tell me, what says adventure more than volunteering?

Walk in the Park

Walk in the Park

Very simple, very cheap, very magical. This is a great way to get Intune with nature if you live in the city. Whenever you go walking in the park you will always discover something new. You might even find a wild animal or two (no bears or cougars please). Sometimes, you will find a festival or a market that’s going on. Those are always fun to explore. There may also be a fairy or two looking to meet you. Whenever I go there, I find peace of mind when life feels chaotic. Parks are amazing places. You never know what you will find.

Ride a Bike

Ride a Bike

This is an inexpensive way to get around. Yes you have to buy a bike (which can be anywhere from $100-$1000) but you will have it for life. Also it will save you money in the long run since you would not have to pay for gas or insurance like you do with a car. Biking is very good exercise too. Anything that pumps your heart, muscles and blood vessels is a good thing. It’s a great feeling to zip around on a bike to all kinds of places. You can choose a new direction and find something amazing like a new store, activity or restaurant. It’s like you’re flying into a whole new world on a beautiful set of wings or a broomstick (depending on who you are). Opportunities are endless when you ride a bike.

Go to a Café

Here is where you will test your daring culinary side. Go for a new hot beverage, beautiful looking dessert, or just a nice little nosh. Food can be very mystical. What you eat affects how you feel. It can make you happy, sleepy or even a little edgy. Either way, your experience will be wisely spent. This you will have to spend a little cash but it is usually between $5.00-$10.00. So not too bad. Cafés are also a good place to people watch. Sometimes you will meet some interesting people and hear a story that inspires you. But let’s face it. Who doesn’t love a hot beverage?

There you go. An easy way to have a good time without losing a lot of cash. All you have to do is a little research, use your imagination, and keep a positive attitude. You are bound to find something when you go out into the world and be open to trying new things. After all, “minds are like parachutes, they only work when they are open.” That’s my magical expertise for the week. What adventures have you all been on recently that didn’t put you in debt?