Becoming a parent kills your dating life, am I right moms? I know for us, it’s not often my husband and I get out without the kids. Since our dates are few and far between, we started having trouble figuring out what to do when we actually had the time to go out. Sadly, we were no longer skilled in dating. I turned to some of my girlfriends for advice and surprisingly the most popular answer was to get a hotel room for a few hours. This isn’t a bad idea, but we tend to chose activities we can tell our babysitter (grandma) about when we return home.

Our usual date night consists of dinner and movie, which is nice for holding hands and relaxing, but not too memorable. Another go-to is walking along the beach and finishing with dessert at one of the local restaurants, which is also very cliché. 

Some of the fun dates we’ve had included kayaking, whale watching, a sunset boat ride, dining at many new restaurants, water trikes, comedy clubs, a few rock concerts including Poison, Def Leppard and Third Eye Blind, a handful of trips to the local theater for live plays, and so much more over the years. 

I’m a big believer that being adventurous with my hubby on date nights helps us become a happier and closer together both mentally and physically.  

How about you?  How often do you go out with your spouse?  What types of activities do you enjoy together?