He loves me, he loves me not...Which one is it? Does he love me?"

It’s been a while now since you are having a wonderful time with your boyfriend; you never felt like this for anyone else and you genuinely think that he might be the one. Although things are going great between you, you are still not sure if he actually loves you. You are afraid that he has fear of intemacy.

Are you just another girl in his life or he also feels that you are the right one for him?

Even if he already said the magic „I love you” words, that doesn’t mean necessarily that he meant it. Although he is not the kind of guy which jumps to his girlfriend with declarations of love, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have deep feelings for you. But the question is still not answered…"does he love me?”

Which is which then? How can you know? Everyone is different, so stop comparing!

First of all, you must take into account the fact that everyone is different. Because of that, the way that your boyfriend expresses his love towards you will be for sure different than the partners that you had. Don’t compare apples with pears, because you will get into a negative state of mind for nothing.Second of all, probably you had a lot of discussions with your friends about their own partners, how they behave in the relationship, how they show their emotions and feelings, if they are romantic or not, committed or not and most importantly, how can you tell if a guy loves you.

The question “Does he love me?” seems to haunt you and doesn’t get an answer. Although it is good to talk and hear different opinions, in order to find out what you actually want in a guy, that doesn’t mean that your man should behave the same.

Imagine that you have a boyfriend who doesn’t really like to say the words „I love you”, he has more of a tough approach and is not the type that will be all day long on your back. In the same time though, he spoils you with everything you want, he makes sure that your wishes come true and the connection between you is amazing. Only for the fact that he doesn’t mention the words „I love you”, doesn’t mean that he has no such feelings for you. So yes, in such a case, it is a big chance that he does love you. “Does he love me?” – there is a big chance that he does! 

What if you are with a guy that tells you all day long how much he loves you? There are, ultimately, just a couple of words, and for some pro playboys, lies come as natural as breathing. Although he makes sure that he satisfies your need of hearing the words that you actually want to hear, his facts are far from the ones of an ideal partner. “Does he love me?” – in this case, hmm, not really.

So you see, focus on the individuality of your partner, try to „guess” his character and from that, give him the benefit of the doubt and understand his behaviour. 

Trust your instinct

You are the one who is living in a relationship with your partner, so ultimately you are the only person who can judge him accurately. For that, you really need to keep your feet on the ground, to analyze his behavior towards you and to take into account the connection that is between you two.

Friends can judge easily and give you advice even more easily, but you are the only one who knows the truth. Unfortunately, there are a lot of girls that foolishly believe in the presumed love of their partners, which simply is not there.

How can you tell the truth form the lie, reality from fiction? Although nobody can tell you what are the feelings of your partner, there are a couple of clues that you can check to see if there are feelings between you two or not. Click here to part two of this article.