Does he love me?… This question keeps haunting you because, although he seems to be the right guy, the One, you would like to know where you stand in this relationship and in his heart. Here are some basics things that any loving partner should show towards you if he loves you. 

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He cares for you

If your boyfriend loves you, then he will do anything in his power to see you happy. Even if he doesn’t realize what makes you happy, then he will be curious and he will ask you. Even if he doesn’t like certain things, then he will be willing to make compromises or to find a solution that fits you both.

Why? Well, your question, “Does he love me? was just answered. If he loves you, then he cares about how you feel. If he loves you, then the things that are important to you, as silly as they may be, will become important to him.

He doesn’t have to overwhelm you with phone calls, text messages or with declarations about his feelings to prove his love for you. The fact that he cares about you, your dreams and aspirations, he’s willing to put himself on the second place in order to see you happy, he motivates you to be a better person, he is there for you when you feel bad, all of these count more than a dozen „I love you” per day.

He treats you good you

A lot of women find themselves trapped in an abusive relationship because they have the impression that abuse is another proof of affection. Wrong! How could a guy that pretends to love you talk badly to you, insult you, hit you, not address one word of affection to you?

A man that truly loves you will treat you good, even more, he will treat you as the most important person in his life. Women complain that man, these days, don’t have manners anymore. But is it really entirely the fault of the men? If all the women, when they are disrespected, would walk away on the man that doesn’t want to change, then maybe men will learn the lesson and review their behavior.

The man that loves you will respect you and will treat you good! How will you know that? “Does he love me?”, you are asking yourself… You will feel it! The man that loves you will make you feel special in his eyes!

He shares everything with you

Does he love me?” Some guys are more shy and don’t like to talk about themselves, but I am sure that, if your man loves you and if you reach a point in your relationship where you feel comfortable with the other, then you will become your partner’s confident.

If your partner loves you, then he will feel to share with you all his joys, regrets, sorrows, happiness and many many more. You will become the best of friends, in good and in bad!

Because of this, you will see that the behavior of your partner will change in your presence. He will feel freer to express himself, happier, childish, and responsible – all of these because, with you, he can finally be himself, without carrying about the appearances.

What about romantic gifts, surprises, candle lights and bunch of roses?

A man that loves you will try to be as sweet as he can, surprising you with beautiful things, like a romantic gift, a bunch of flowers, a wonderful getaway, all of these to see you happy.

But there are also men that don’t have a clue about romance and maybe they don’t understand that romantic things are really important to women. “Does he love me?” Well, that doesn’t mean that he loves you less!

Talk to him about what you want, what you desire, what you dream. See how he reacts! The man that loves you will listen to your wishes and will at least try to fulfill them.

If he remains indifferent and prefers not to see the point of all these „nonsense”, then maybe there’s a selfish part of him that doesn’t really want to try too hard for his partner. The man that loves you will be tolerant, understanding, willing to learn in order to make you happy.

He talks about commitment

Last but not least, the man that loves you is not afraid to see you in his future. If he talks about the future and he doesn’t mention you in the picture, then maybe you two should have a discussion and learn more about where you are in the relationship, and where he stands.

Does he love me for real?

It is true that guys are more afraid of commitment that girls and no one tells you to marry a guy after just a couple of months of dating. Despite all that, one thing is to take it slow and another different is to take everything as a relationship that will end at a certain point.

The man that loves you doesn’t want to see his life with another woman. He introduces you to his friends and family, expects the same from you and lets you come into his life, his home, his future.

Does he love me?” It is a million dollar question, but once you find out the answer, you can continue your life in a whole new perspective!