Understanding how men think in relationships can be challenging, don't you think? Did you ever want to know how men think? Do you believe in the macho image that some of them like to put on or you thing also that men are, in fact, as sensitive as women? It’s time for you to relax and take the first steps in understanding how men think.

Here are some things that you should know about men:

Men are more sensitive than you think. If they loved a woman very much and went through a painful relationship, then it will be hard for them to forget and move on. Don’t bring in your relationship problems things that happened zillion years ago. Men don’t remember anymore the past and are not willing to take into consideration things from the past that only women could remember.

Another key in understanding how men think is to not let yourself fooled by their behaviour. For example, men like to flirt, but at the end of the day, the relationship with the woman they love is the most important.

Men are crazy about the smile of a woman. A man would do anything to make you notice him. Men hate it when you talk to them about your past relationship or ex boyfriend.

Another key in understanding how men think is to accept the fact that they are not very good with details. For example, if you want something and you think that through subtle gestures you will make him understand what you want, then think again. Men are not looking for deep meanings of what you say or do. So, if you want something, just say it.

The man that loves you would like to be the only one that you talk with. Your man also needs to hear, once in a while, that you love him.

Men can be more honest than women, even in the first stages of a relationship.

Men can be more honest than women, even in the first stages of a relationship.

If a man starts talking about his relationship problems, then maybe he needs just someone to talk to and not necessarily an advice.

Men lye, but the majority do it because they don’t want to get into relationship problems.

If a man teases you, he might like you.

No matter how much a man would admire the looks if a woman, he will choose the one with the best personality.

When a man says that he is crazy about you, then there are big chances that he is honest. Men don’t say these words very easily.

Here’s another trick in understanding how men think: Men want women to know how much they love them. The problem is that they are not very good in expressing their feelings, so don’t worry if he doesn’t say too often the magic words and don’t ask yourself if he loves you. Read more about the question: Does he love me? He would appreciate it more if you would know already in which stage of your relationship you are now and if you would also know his feelings.

If a man tries to talk to you seriously, then you should listen, because it will not happen too often.

Men feel responsible to provide the best for their family. Even if women are very preoccupied of their career, men still feel the head of the family, so try to show some appreciation for that.

Men feel responsible to provide the best for their family.

Of a man says that you are beautiful, then don’t contradict him, because you will not determine him to make you more compliments. Don’t get snobbish. Men are shyer than you think. No man can deal with his problems by himself. Men are just too stubborn to admit it.

Men think that women are weird and make strange decisions, and these things make them even more attractive. A man would do anything to read the mind of a woman.Men appreciate romantic ideas, but the majority are afraid to take initiative, because they don’t want to get embarrassed. Men would like that, once in a while, women take initiative in the bedroom.

Here is another tip for understanding how men think: if a man tells you that he is not thinking of anything or that everything is ok, then probably he is telling the truth. Men like to say „I love you” through gestures, not big words.

Men need to hear also, once in a while, compliments. If your man has a very good female friend, don’t accuse him of cheating.

Men really like natural beauty. Men don’t need women that look like models, just women that take care of themselves.

A man will not think less of you if you invite him out.

Men like practical gifts, so don’t take it personal and don’t make it a relationship problem.

Here is another important tip in understanding how men think: respect is very important to men. In the majority of cases, relationships problems become fights become he feel disrespected.