Try some sexy games for couples as a perfect solution if you would like to spice up your intimate life, but you don’t have any idea on how to do that. They can be exciting and funny, but above all these intimate games will remember you that life in two is funny and that sex is hot!

Among the sexy games for couples, dancing on a piece of paper can seem like a piece of cake. The rules of this game are simple, but the outcome can become really exciting. All that you have to do is to dance with your partner on a piece of paper. At every two minutes, fold the piece of paper in two and dance with your partner on this folded piece of paper. In this way, you need to get closer and closer to your partner and maintain your balance. Of course, you will eventually fall in his or her arms and let romance take its course.

Find out how well you know your partner

The game is simple, but it is meant to test your knowledge about your partner. Make a list of questions which refers to personal facts about each other, starting from favorite food, color, animal, to personal stories and anecdotes. Obviously, you have to guess what are the correct answers concerning your partner. The winner is the one which manages to gather the most correct answers. Among the other sexy games for couples, this can seem quite innocent. That’s why, to spice things up a bit, the winner gets to choose his prize. Of course, romance, intimacy and sex are the words that define the prize.

The kissing contest

From all the sexy games for couples, this one will be for sure one of your favorites. It is time for the lady to use her best red lipstick and leave some marks on the body of her partner. Confused? All that you have to do is apply some red lipstick on your lips and start the timer! Find out how many kisses can you apply on the body of your partner in one minute. I am sure that after this game things will get even hotter between you two.

Truth or Dare

A classic among the intimate games, but now you can make it even sexier. To spice up things a little bit, play truth or dare with your partner, but this time try to bring in discussion more intimate subjects: latest sexual fantasy, favorite sex position, favorite romantic moment etc. Just spin the bottle and prepare to discover and to be discovered.

Grant your partner 3 wishes

This game is easy to play, but it will become very soon your favorite among the sexy games for couples. All that you have to do is grant your partner 3 wishes. Of course, you will enjoy the same pampering. For example, a relaxing massage, a romantic dinner and some sexual fantasies can be your 3 wishes. This is a game which doesn’t present any limits. Be careful though and don’t make your partner do things that he or she wouldn’t like.

Play with sensations

From the romantic games for couples, this one is funny and sexy. All that you have to do is prepare for your partner a series of aphrodisiac food. Blindfold your partner and offer him to taste, one by one, everything that you have prepared: strawberries with chocolate cream, exotic fruits, ice-cream etc. If your partner manages to guess what he has just tasted, then you must grant him a wish. If not, then he will be the “punished” one.

Throw the dice 

For this sexy game for couples you must prepare some materials. Make two dice out of paper. On one write the names of the body parts: lips, neck, breasts etc. On the other one, write some actions: kiss, massage etc. You just have to throw the dice and to respect the combination. For example, if you have the combination “massage” and “neck”, then it means that you must massage the neck of your partner. I am sure that this will be one of your favorite intimate games for couples.

Did you try one of these games? Do you know other sexy or romantic games for couples? Post a comment and share your experience!