It’s not easy to balance motherhood, marriage and taking time for yourself. Creating balance doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be an equal balance either. By carving out a few minutes each day to focus on yourself, gives you the opportunity to recharge and refocus on your priorities.

We’ve compiled a list of 8 Simple Ways to Take Time for Yourself Each Day. Some may work for you, some may need a little tweaking, and others you may just want to rule out.  The idea is to find time, if only a for a few minutes, to do something you enjoy each and every day.

  • Scip a cup of coffee or tea while the kids are playing.  I like to sit at my patio table with a cup of tea and watch the boys play in the backyard. I can see what they are doing and am able to sit down for a few minutes, giving myself a little break.
  • Give the kids a snack and indulge in one of your favorite treats. My personal favorite is Dove Milk Chocolates. You’re grown up, you don’t need to explain your actions to anyone.
  • Once the kids are in bed, pour yourself a glass or wine, grab your favorite book and relax for ten minutes. The laundry, the dishes, etc, can wait.
  • While the kids are splashing around in the bath (sit just outside the door with them in sight) catch up on Facebook or play a game on your tablet. I personally like to play Candy Crush or browse Pinterest.
  • Once dinner is done, excuse yourself for ten minutes and have quiet time, alone to spend however you’d like.  Your husband may not like this idea at first, but it will give him time to play with the kids and you a very much needed break.
  • While out grocery shopping, pick up a pint of your favorite ice cream or favorite dessert. Save it for after the kids are in bed. It’ll give you motivation to make it through the day.
  • Give yourself at least one day a week to take an extra long shower. Shave your legs, condition your hair, wash every inch of your body without being rushed or interrupted. You’ll be surprised just how revitalizing an uninterrupted shower can be!
  • While preparing dinner, driving in the car, or doing housework, turn on music of your choice and sing along.  Singing along to your favorite song is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.