So you got a babysitter? Here are the the items you must go over and feel comfortable with before you leave your precious cargo in their care:

Top things to discuss with your babysitter

  • Location of your emergency information (you can fill this out once and post it on the refrigerator).
  • Where you will be and when you will be home.Your child’s schedule for the time you will be gone: discuss feeding, diapering,sleeping, and activities that your toddler likes. It can be helpful to write this down for your babysitter.
  • Show the babysitter where everything is and what to do: diaper changing table and where to put spoiled diapers, bottles, and how to warm milk, where your child usually sits and plays (bouncy seat, exersaucer).
  • If your babysitter will be transporting your child in the car, make sure that the carseat is properly installed and show her how to secure your baby in the seat.
  • Review baby proofing needs and stress particular situations where your child needs monitoring (protection from the family dog, siblings, where your child can and can not be safely placed). This will vary depending on your child’s developmental level.
  • Particularly if you have a young babysitter, discuss your expectations for his or her behavior: visitors, phone calls, texting, whether he or she can leave the house with your baby.
  • Check with your babysitter about her level of experience with children the age of your baby. If you have an inexperience babysitter, you will need to think carefully about the different situations they may encounter and prepare them accordingly.

Let’s keep the convo going. What are some things that you discuss with your babysitter? Was it hard leaving baby behind? Did you discuss payment before or after? Post your thoughts below, we want to hear your voice.