We all know this part of parenthood is coming. The crying marathons that make you want to pull your hair out, shout, and everything else that you should not do in front of the baby. When you have moments when your baby is in distress remember that crying is their language and that’s how they communicate.

They may be crying because their diaper is dirty, they are hungry, and they even cry when they are sleepy. In any event, as parents we have to remind ourselves that we are in control and we’re biologically made to not only respond to our babies cries, but to be able to handle them as well.

Here’s some more tips to keep in mind when dealing with your babies nonstop crying:

  • Remind yourself that nothing is wrong with your baby- crying is his release and this is how he organizes himself and this is normal behavior
  • Put on quiet music to distract yourself
  • Put your baby in a safe place and let him or her cry for a few minutes (keep checking on him or her)
  • Take deep breaths
  • Say self-affirmations: “The baby will stop crying soon, in a few minutes, so stay calm and patient.
  • Say self-affirmations: “I got this!
  • Call your spouse for help or a mommy break
  • Got any helpful tips to share with the UP family on how you survive your babies crying marathons?