When your kid has dyspraxia, sensory processing disorders, and/ or ADHD, the vestibular system plays a huge a role. When you understand this medically, you cannot blame the child.

My daughter did not ever get a monthly "terrific kid" award in all her years in school. Her grades were pretty good and I was never told anything bad about her behavior (and I asked- A LOT!) but she was consistently marked down on her report card for "zoning out," "not following directions," "fidgeting," and "losing focus."

Zoning Out is something that cannot be helped. Info just stops getting through for a bit.

Not Following Directions when you have an auditory processing disorder is usually due to not hearing all the directions.

Fidgeting is actually great for kids with dyspraxia, ADHD, and sensory processing disorders because it helps them keep focus and balanced.

Losing Focus happens when you have to put all your energy into being still.

It wasn't just the monthly awards- my daughter also went from being in enrichment to being left out of it and her grades were impacted because of the check marks given to her in these social-behaviorial categories. My daughter's school was one of the first to use the new common core report card which I hated because it seemed to be more based on teacher opinion than facts. With the old report cards you added numbers together and averaged them for your grade. With this one it was all about interpretation. You were graded 1-4 with 4 being the best, but the teachers said you could never really expect to get a 4 unless you creatively applied the information outside of just what happens in the classroom. My daughter does this all the time, but the teachers said they did not see it and the behavior check marks seemed to impact the numbers...

Anyway, here is a video that explains in terms anyone can understand how the Vestibular System works. Share this with your kids' teachers!