When you go somewhere new on holiday, it is easy for costs to mount up – particularly if you go on a package deal to a tourist destination. There is no doubting the fact that package holidays have a lot going for them – you make one payment and one booking, and everything is laid on. You also have a liaison in the holiday firm who will be a port of call for any complaints or queries you may have.

On the other hand, a package deal can be quite strait-jacketing for a holiday maker. When you book with a package firm, you have to follow their timetable and their choices – which airline, which flight, which hotel and even, on occasion, which sight-seeing trips to go on. It is a holiday designed for consensus, and you may want to do your own thing.

If you speak the language of the place that you are visiting, then it is not a bad idea to try making the key bookings yourself piece by piece. You can decide when to fly and with whom, and book a hotel that suits your taste and budget – and one which has the amenities you value close by, for ease of access.

The important thing about deciding how to book your holiday is that you don’t try to overstretch yourself, but equally avoid being lazy in how you do it. If you can arrange it yourself it will be cheaper and suit you better. However, if you have limited knowledge of the area and don’t speak much of the language, a package deal – maybe with some room for doing your own thing – is a sound idea.