The southern end of these expansive keys is characterized by smaller islands with coral reefs that act as a natural boundary between the Mexican Gulf and The South Atlantic Ocean. Many of these islands have very low altitudes and are generally covered by various vegetation cover that includes mainly mangrove swamps and patches of palm trees, and cannot therefore support life.

Those who visit this area have a lot to discover. First, the highway ride allows one to get a clear view of the islands and the water below that area. The view is so clear that even the coral and the fish below are easily visible. The view is facilitated by the hundreds of bridges that link these islands. Most people find it very difficult to resist the temptations to take a scuba dive, snorkel or harvest some fish from the waters. However, these activities need prior booking arrangements at a reasonable fee.

Tourists who come to Key West are usually met by a community that is very artistic and colorful in nature. In fact, some great arts personalities like Emest Hemmingway have come from this southern city of USA. The color and glamour that emanate from the street entertainment that takes place just before sunset at the Malory Square Dock is a sight to reckon.

The largest key is known as Key Largo, located south of Miami. Those who visit here come across the John Pennekamp Coral Reef park. For a small admission fee, many people find taking a stop-over a worthwhile venture. A tour around the coral reef waters of the island is facilitated by a glass bottom boat at a small fee per certain number of hours.

Florida Keys

After a long and tiresome day full of fun activities, visitors are treated to warm hospitality from the various motels and hotels that are found along these keys. There are cottages as well for accommodation. For those who prefer the camping experience, this can be found on the Big Pine Key, which is located about seventy-five miles to the southern part of Miami. Key West also has lots of restaurants for visitors to enjoy some fine dinning.

However, when visiting the Florida Keys, great caution should be taken especially during the hurricane season. Danger normally looms mainly in the late summer months and the weatherman’s advice should always be adhered to. The greatest danger comes from the fact that the Key West and the mainland are linked by only one road, and it becomes a nightmare to get stuck on one of the islands amidst a fierce storm. But the good news is that the National Weather Service is always there to furnish people with all the information that they need to know about the weather. Finally, visitors should always engage in such activities like diving and fishing under the provided safety guidelines so as to always stay on the safer side of their trip.