Have An Adventure For Next To Nothing

Looking for adventure but you don’t have a lot of money? We all want a little excitement but we always have to worry about our finances especially in this economy. Having no money sucks! Luckily, you can have a quest without breaking the bank. There are exploits all around you and you don’t have to jump on a magic carpet to find it. It takes an open mind and heart to find some fun.

Symptoms Of Sleep Deprivation

Understanding The Symptoms Of Sleep Deprivation is something we all should review, specially women. We want to believe that we are superheroes and we do not need sleep. Pay attention to the symptoms and let’s just go to sleep.

How to get healthy hair naturally – Time tested tips

Your personality gets an overall facelift with healthy and shiny hair. And today one doesn’t need to spend whole lot money on expensive hair care products to achieve this. By knowing the secrets of how to get healthy hair, one can enjoy the benefits of beautiful and healthy hair.

Tomato Curry Simmer Sauce

A while back, I started to try and make a conscious effort to take things that I am constantly buying at the store and make them myself. Case in point: Trader Joe's Curry Simmer Sauce. I was literally buying this stuff once a week, adding some coconut milk, whatever tofu and veggies were around.

Reasons You Should Drink Lots Of Water When Reducing Weight

If you are looking for weight loss tips we could say that the only sensible reply to the query “how to reduce weight” is to do it by natural means and a key aspect of this is drinking water. Whilst this might seem somewhat uninteresting it is in fact necessary for healthy weight loss.

Kids and Social Media

When it comes to kids and social media we are in new territory. No generation before has ever had to deal with social media or the myriad of issues that comes with it. We haven't even identified all the issues yet! We also have no idea what the long term effects of social media and technology as we use it today are.